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Personal Video Work

Here are some of my favorite videos that I created for fun.

Live. Love. Life.

Recap of 2015.

Just Be Yourself

The past year of my life has been a very defining year for me. I have learned a lot about life. The year went from shooting a Krewella music video to touring with 3LAU to quitting a job of 4 years and 4 months to touring with Martin Garrix to shooting other talented artists to finding an inspiring voice to landing an Avicii music video to simply being happy.

But life doesn't always come without a little headache and heartache. Throughout the past year, I have had to fix getting my identity stolen, deal with getting sued for something I didn't do, to losing loved ones from cancer, to finding out my father has tumors in each of his kidneys.

Just understand that we all choose what we want to think about. I could have easily just gave up and let the negative energy get the best of me but instead I worked my butt off and had the most successful year of my life while having the worst things thrown at me.

Focus on the good and let the bad disappear.

Dreams Are Real

Behind the scenes look at what I get to call my job and how I spend my free time.

Lake Life

This is a video shot over the course of 11 days in Clear Lake, IN with my family and friends that shows who I am and the things I enjoy.

I Just Wanna Live (The Ciff Jumping Video)

When I was a kid I had a fear of heights. As I got older I overcame my fear and made it a passion. Watch as we travel to 4 epic locations and do some crazy jumps.


We all have dreams, but less take action to create those dreams, that allow a few to inspire.

Lake Life 3 - Is This Even Real?

It seems like my life has been so consumed by my cellphone lately.  It's caused me to become more shy, timid, and terrible at starting conversations. 

The best part about coming home to see my family and friends is I get to shut off my phone and live, rather than being consumed with what other people are doing whom I have never met.


A series of moments from the past year.

Lake Life 2 - Lost In The Moment

Welcome to my fountain of youth.  I have spent 30 years coming here and it doesnt matter if you are 5 or 70, people like to have fun, I always come home because it feeds my soul and makes me appreciate the smaller things in life.

Next time you go out and do something, fully commit, dont half ass it by bringing your phone to get on social media from time to time or text your friends but simply get lost in the moment.

Experience and enjoy life because one day youre not going to wake up.

The Shadow Artist

During the course of 2013 I had the opportunity to do the most traveling of my life. I quickly found myself with tons of unused footage from some very epic locations. Rather than taking the best clips for the past year, I tried to use mostly new shots to make this video. The Shadow Artist represents a dreamer stepping into the light to reveal his true identity.

i forgot how much fun fun was

We flew to Orlando, FL to celebrate one of my best friends 21st birthday. It was during a time where I had lost myself and was stuck in a circle. After going on this trip I realized what it was like to have fun again.