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November 02, 2016

“Where is some place you’ve never been but want to go?” I asked.
Justin responded, “Iceland!”
“Me too!” I said.

From there we both looked at pictures of Iceland on Instagram. Little did I know Justin had something up his sleeve. We were in Greece when I said on the way home he wanted to surprise us and go to Iceland for 2 days. At this time I was in a state of shock. First off, I didn’t have warm clothes and secondly, I couldn’t believe this was really happening. Just seemed like a dream.

All week in Greece, we raced 4-wheelers (I flipped mine doing about 40mph, SHOCKER. Thats a story for another time), swam in the ocean, rode jet skis, explored and took fun photos, finished the songs ‘Children’ and Been You’ for his album, and just enjoyed life.

When I first became a part of Justin’s team months ago we bonded over a very talented photographer named Chris Burkard. I admired and looked up to his work and Justin loved his work as well. Every photo I took in Greece and showed Justin, became a little joke…”Great picture, but Chris would’ve took a better one.” “You’re my 3rd favorite Instagramer…right behind myself and Chris Burked.” Always joking around…that’s what I love about Justin…his humor…it sometimes reminds me of Vince Vaughn. Then I took a picture of Justin and he was like this is a dope photo….I want to post it. Well he posted it saying “Rory Kramer channeling his inner Chris Burkard.” After he posted that Chris started to follow me. I started to freak out because a legendary photographer followed me.

That gave me the idea to reach out to Chris about locations to check out in Iceland since he has been. Chris immediately responded asking for my email and number so he could give his suggestions on places to go. I told Justin he responded and was going to suggest places for us to check out. So Justin heads back into the booth to record vocals when he stops and says “Just ask Chris if he wants to come with us.”

Thats when Chris got a message at 6am, packed, and caught a flight an hour later to meet us in Iceland.

The rest of the trip is what you will see in this music video for Justin Bieber’s new single “I’ll Show You.”

My vision for this video was simple. Im gonna let Justin do his thing and let it unfold naturally. We actually weren’t trying to shoot a music video, we were just trying to enjoy a vacation. I always film my vacation for the memories…this time it just happened to be very powerful, I saw moments that were inspiring me as a human and I knew it could help others who see it. When you watch the video, I want you to become Justin. I want you to feel what he feels. I want you to imagine sitting on those cliffs, looking at those views, thinking about LIFE.

This trip was the best one I had ever been on. I learned a lot about myself. At one point, I saw the most beautiful view in my life and I shut off my camera and took in the moment for myself.


Watch the music video here:

I'll show you